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August 29, 2008

cp games now over

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the cp games now has come to a close. hope you enjoyed it and got the medal! STill i might be busy. so i’ll see you (i mean post you…. or wateva) next month.


August 24, 2008

CP games!!

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Hey im back. There is the cp games going on. There is a track meet, swim meet and a marathon. in the marathon and track meet YOU HAVE TO STOP AT ALL THE LIGHTS. If you dont you wont win the meet or marathon. if you cant light a light up, that means you have missed a light. this most likely happens at the town, and at the dock, at the right side or hydro hopper (NOT ABOVE) there are a bunch of those tubes that help you float in the water, at the right side of those, there is a light. DO NOT MISS IT!!!! if you win all the events, you win a medal that is if you click the medal in the right hand upper corner and click on claim prizes. do all the events first.

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