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September 21, 2008

fall fair

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ok, so i havent posted for a long time…. pretty busy lately. chores and stuff. so anyway, theres a falls fair coming out next friday – dont miss it! also there might be new stuff and old stuff from last year. oh gotta go. gotta do more chores!


September 12, 2008

the latest ruby pin!!!

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other blogs may have been telling you to go to the stage and click on all those items…. but i have got an easier way to do it!!

all you have to do is

1. go to a safe chat server (the ones with speech bubbles and lines in it) like altitude. make sure there is only one green bar next to the name of the server.

2.go to the stage the tab button on your keyboard until there is a yellow square on the painting under the right balcony usually on the side where the costumes are. enter  or return two times and when it asks if you want the ruby pin, get it!

5. now you have the ruby pin!

6. (optional) tell penguins the same way i told you to get this pin

ps:there is another pin at the dock. it is a magnifiying glass pin.

pps:fall fair, cp anniversary and halloween parties comeing up!!

ppps:thats it. (LOL!)

September 10, 2008

lame post

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lamest post ever

September 1, 2008

coin cheat

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all you have to do is go to the night club when you log on, and go into dj3k. when it asks you if you wanna play say yes and then press tab til you have a yellow square around the grey exit button. then press enter til you get as much coins as you want. but this isnt hacking, you wont get baned.

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