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November 29, 2008

About my new Rockhopper and Pin tracker…

Yo, penguin pals! I just added some trakers for the pin and Rockhopper. It’s in my widgets. If you want it, it’s not a virus and it’s absolutely free. I got it from If you check their widget, you’ll see some widgets and there, are the trackers. Read it and then there will be a link saying how to get the widget. I’ll tell you more later, because I gotta go!



November 27, 2008

New page!

Hey penguins! I just added a new page! It’s called ‘Guess my numbers 2’. If you guess my number right (you’re only allowed to guess once), you’ll get to win one of my penguins I’m giving away! Check it out now, or all the penguins may be given away already! Full details will be displayed when you visit the page.


Lilly541 now author of CP comics!

Congrats to Lilly, because I have let her do the CP comics page for me. The other two pages, the Commenting Contest and Songs are left. I’m not sure what to do with them, and Li Gi hasn’t posted for a pretty long time…..


November 26, 2008

Club Penguin Elite Force Secrets!

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Hello penguins!

Here are the secrets for CPEF (Club Penguin Elite Force):

The Command Room has some awesome secrets I want to show you. If you haven’t unlocked the room yet, you need a code from the Elite Penguin Force DS game.

Command Room Cheats:


TV Channel: You can change the channels on the TV. Here are the possible channels.

Elite Penguin Force: Home Channel


The Weather Channel


Unavailable Channel


Penguin Talk Show


Campfire Channel


Sled Racing channel


Trash Can: Hover over the trash can to make it fill up. Their are 3 stages for the fill up.


Table Cheat: Click the center of the table to change to different platforms.

Pizza (Looks yummy)


Top secret items


Coffee Tray


Wall Poster: Hover over the “Elite Force” wall poster to change the picture of the penguin.

Green Penguin Poster:


Blue Penguin Poster:


Red Penguin Poster:


Clown Penguin Poster:


CD’s: Hover over the cd’s to make them fly up.


Thanks Chewy, for the post.


P.S. No current codes available! (

Mystery Cabnet, and CP on DS!!!

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Hey pengies!

In the HQ there is a mysterious cabnet! *dun dun DUN* Here’s a pic of it:

secretOh and remember the bad quality pics? I found out that the different technic I was using was causing it, and now my pics will be in good quality too! Thanks for the tip Coldy Guy! No wonder your pics are so clear!

The cabnet will be for the Club Penguin Elite Force game! If I get a DS for Xmas, I might get it!

Looks mysterious…










(This pic from

Waddle on!


A new page…. about my very first party!

Hey guys, in case you haven’t known, I have added a new page a few days ago. It’s called ‘Ovenl’s FIRST party!!! (1,500 hits)’ Check it out now! I need a theme for my party though, so you get to choose! But only in that page as a comment.


I’m giving my authors a promotion

I will give my authors, Lilly541 and Li Gi (aka winterbells6), a promotion. I will let them be admins now, because I haven’t been updating my pages lately, and I might need someone to take care of some of them. I might say that I need one of my admins to take care of one of the following pages, while the other admin will take care of the other two. They will get to choose which pages they want to use. These pages are the Commenting contest, CP comics (if one of my admins know how to copy and paste pages from CP’s comics page) and Songs. I will still take control of these other pages, which are Ovenl’s FIRST party!!! (1,500 hits), My fav pages, and Guess my numbers!

Some of you must have known I have come back, okay, my break was pretty short.

Note to admins Lilly and Li Gi: Do not edit my theme, or approve my comments or delete comments in waiting moderation, or delete my comments and pages, or remove my widgets. I will do those.


November 21, 2008

I’m gonna take a break…

Ok guys, I’m going on a break for now. My hands are getting too tired to post, ok, not really (some of you might think of crazy, which I am, lol), but I want to take a break, and I will have my authors, Li Gi, and Lilly541, post for me. So see ya soon! I don’t know when I will come to post, but I will be back soon.


November 19, 2008


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The person who made that last post was me, Ovenl! Sorry I forgot to “sign” my name at the end of my post.


Hi guys!

Wow, we have a lot of hits, keep ’em comin’! Oh, and there is a new secret room, to see it go here:

They have a photo of the new room there.

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