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December 30, 2008

Mission 10 is here!

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Ok here’s how to complete mission 10.

1. Talk to G.

2. Go to the Beach

3. There is a penguin with a Jet Pack there

4. Go in the lighthouse and put the Creaming soda in your inventory

5. Go back to the penguin and give him the creaming soda (you have to talk to him first)

6. Now this bit is tricky click the large cup and drag it into the middle cup,

then click the middle cup and drag it to the small cup,

then click the small cup and drag it into the big cup,

then click the middle cup and drag it into te small cup,

then click the big cup and drag it into the middle cup,

then click the middle cup and drag it into the small cup,

then click the small cup and drag it into the big cup.

7. Go to the dock.

8. Click on the green penguin near the hydro hopper.

9. Ask him if you could use some rope.

10.Go to the hq.

11.Click the box of stuff on the left of G.

12.Take the solar powered thing out of the box.

13.Go to the gift shop.

14.Click the cashier.

15.Clear up all the stuff: the balls, the box of stuff and the table.

16.Put the table outside of the gift shop and put the balls on top of it.

17.Go back in the gift shop and click on Rookie.

18.Put the solar on the giant magnet.

19.Click on the coulerd circles untill it looks like this:

Note: also make sure there not touching.

20.Go in the night club and put the rope on the spool.

21.Click the lever and then it will break so use your spy phone and use the wrentch and put it on the bolts, then you have to tinker with some bolts until they all start moving again.

22.Then when your spy phone rings go to the dock and move around and you will se klutsy.

23.When your spy phone rings again go back to the night club.

24.Click the red lever on the spool again.

25.When your spy phone rings click it.

26.Click the night clubs lights and point them to the solar.

27.Get your medal and your gift! the end

Enjoy! Olrubber


December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

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Tommorrow is a very special day it’s… CHRISTMAS!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year every one!!!

Hope you get lots of presents:)

December 22, 2008

Terrible news!!

Unfortunately, I will remove Lilly541 as admin… as she is quitting her blog, and most likely Club Penguin too đŸ˜„ Oh, and sorry for not posting. Also, I am not giving away my other blog anymore, I am changing it.


I know, I’ve become very boring and lazy these days.

December 20, 2008

Postponing party…

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I’m postponing my ‘1,500 hits party’ to… well, I DON’T KNOW, I’ll inform you later… I just can’t arrive at the party today, I will be busy on my blog and CP. Oh, and Poptropica.


In other news: The CP Xmas party is here!!! Get the Santa hat at the Snow Forts, the Present pin at the ski lodge, and the Santa beard at the Ski Village.

December 18, 2008

Paper issue #166

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There is a new paper!!

In the Aunt Arctic’s section there is a question about the mute button on cp


And a bit about the new play, Quest for the Golden Puffle (II).


Coolio. And, let’s take a look at the events


SO, sorry this is so brief!! I have a lot to do today, like candystick!! JOIN IT!!!!

~Li Gi 99~

December 17, 2008

I’m not giving away my Poptropica accounts anymore

I changed my mind, so… yeah.


I know this post is short, but nevermind.

Another sneek peek of the Xmas party!

Hey penguins! Here’s another sneek peek of the party (I spelled peek wrong last time, because that’s how CP spelled it in the newspaper on the article about the Water Party this year)!!!


It looks like the Night Club. And there’s gonna be a workshop in the Dance Lounge! Well that’s all for now.


Oh wait, and I’ve emailed someone about giving Ihyagka to them… so if you wanted Ihyagka, check your emails!

December 16, 2008

Where is the santa hat and sack in Poptropica?!?

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Update: I know how to get the outfit now. If you have the cellphone, you can get the sack and Santa hat by entering the numbers 1225 in your phone. There’s more too.

Brain hat: 411

Police officer outfit: 911

Poptropicans, if you know where the sack and santa hat are, please tell me where, because I just saw someone with a Santa hat and sack – and I have no idea where they got it!


1,500 hits! Finally!

Thanks to all you people for getting me 1,500 hits!!! Check out the ‘Ovenl’s FIRST party! (1500 hits)’ page for details. Make sure to check it often, because I might update the page and add more details!


December 13, 2008

***(FINISHED!!!)*** I’m giving away my Poptropica accounts AND penguins








But thank you for all those positive comments about my blog.

Update 3: I have to ask, are you all blind or just plain ignorant?!?!?!?!?!???! READ THIS MESSAGE. I AM NO LONGER GIVING AWAY MY ACCOUNTS, SO DON’T ASK FOR ANY.  IF YOU DO, YOUR COMMENT WILL BE DELETED.

Update 2: Please do not comment here asking for penguin accounts!!! FOR THE LAST TIME, THEY ARE NOW FINISHED!!! Please read this, do NOT ignore this message!!! If you keep commenting asking for accounts, I will delete them or ignore them!

Update : I am not giving away accounts anymore. Account give-aways are now finished and done. Please do not keep asking for accounts! If you keep asking, this will make me very angry so please don’t. People asking for accounts are now becoming very annoying!!!

Well, penguins, I’m now giving my penguins away now, since only Friezypop commented on my ‘Guess my numbers 2’ page. It was for giving away penguins, but since only Friezypop wanted one of my penguins (Ovenl), I will now email random people (who play Club Penguin DUH) at different times. If they reply saying the want the penguin, before Christmas, I will email back the penguin’s password. So penguins, check your emails! That is, if you HAVE one.

Also in CP: RH (Rockhopper) is here, and there is a special donation station at his Quarters! If you don’t have the key to get in, go to the Book Room, open RH’s journal, go to the last page, and there is his key! In case you didn’t know, you can wear it as a pin.

For Poptropicans, it’s the same kind of give-away, only with Poptropica accounts, but since I don’t really know who plays Poptropica, I will save the ‘Poptropica account give-away’ for later.

Also in Poptropica: Nabooti Island is now online!


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