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December 18, 2008

Paper issue #166

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There is a new paper!!

In the Aunt Arctic’s section there is a question about the mute button on cp


And a bit about the new play, Quest for the Golden Puffle (II).


Coolio. And, let’s take a look at the events….


SO, sorry this is so brief!! I have a lot to do today, like candystick!! JOIN IT!!!!

~Li Gi 99~


December 4, 2008

Talk with the newspaper Glitch!

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Message to all of you: I’m VERY sorry for not posting, WP had a bug and wouldn’t let me post. WP sorted it out, and then it slipped my mind, and it only got fixed yesterday =[ sorry it would barely let me comment on this account either, because my main account is different.

I thought I’d make it up to you by posting a cool glitch. Well, here you go:

This is a fun glitch, it can get you surrounded by a crowd of penguins.

  1. Open the newspaper. Make sure you aren’t walking still.
  2. Click “We need you!” or go to that page.
  3. Enter a question – you don’t have to actually say anthing, just click send.



4. Hit tab until you can see the type cursor flashing. Type in something – anything – and people will see it!



Isn’t that just awesome?


I hope you all have fun talking with the paper xD

-Li Gi

November 15, 2008


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Hello Penguins!!
am Winterbells6, aka Li Gi 99! Call me Li Gi! I am here to help around as much as possible for ovenl! 😀 I will post when necessary, and help, uh, people… yeah.

Well see you round, ninjas-to-be!

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