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December 16, 2008

1,500 hits! Finally!

Thanks to all you people for getting me 1,500 hits!!! Check out the ‘Ovenl’s FIRST party! (1500 hits)’ page for details. Make sure to check it often, because I might update the page and add more details!



December 13, 2008

***(FINISHED!!!)*** I’m giving away my Poptropica accounts AND penguins








But thank you for all those positive comments about my blog.

Update 3: I have to ask, are you all blind or just plain ignorant?!?!?!?!?!???! READ THIS MESSAGE. I AM NO LONGER GIVING AWAY MY ACCOUNTS, SO DON’T ASK FOR ANY.  IF YOU DO, YOUR COMMENT WILL BE DELETED.

Update 2: Please do not comment here asking for penguin accounts!!! FOR THE LAST TIME, THEY ARE NOW FINISHED!!! Please read this, do NOT ignore this message!!! If you keep commenting asking for accounts, I will delete them or ignore them!

Update : I am not giving away accounts anymore. Account give-aways are now finished and done. Please do not keep asking for accounts! If you keep asking, this will make me very angry so please don’t. People asking for accounts are now becoming very annoying!!!

Well, penguins, I’m now giving my penguins away now, since only Friezypop commented on my ‘Guess my numbers 2’ page. It was for giving away penguins, but since only Friezypop wanted one of my penguins (Ovenl), I will now email random people (who play Club Penguin DUH) at different times. If they reply saying the want the penguin, before Christmas, I will email back the penguin’s password. So penguins, check your emails! That is, if you HAVE one.

Also in CP: RH (Rockhopper) is here, and there is a special donation station at his Quarters! If you don’t have the key to get in, go to the Book Room, open RH’s journal, go to the last page, and there is his key! In case you didn’t know, you can wear it as a pin.

For Poptropicans, it’s the same kind of give-away, only with Poptropica accounts, but since I don’t really know who plays Poptropica, I will save the ‘Poptropica account give-away’ for later.

Also in Poptropica: Nabooti Island is now online!


December 11, 2008

I’m giving away my other blog

Yes, I am, so if anyone wants the blog (, just comment why you want it. This will end in the 20th of December. You will not be able to comment about owning the blog, because then I will pick a random person to own the blog. These are the details of the blog:

Hits: currently 34 or 35

Other: No one likes it, if someone gets the blog, they can make it more cool and interesting.

This is what you SHOULDN’T do when you own the blog:

You SHOULDN’T delete the comments.

You SHOULDN’T post in the blog that I will not be posting/editing stuff anymore; I will still do a few stuff in there.

You SHOULDN’T make me author, contributer, etc – just leave me as admin.

You SHOULDN’T delete me.

We’ll that’s all I can think of.


1,144 hits! Yay!

Wow penguins (and Poptropicans), we’ve got a lot of hits now! Maybe we’ll get 1,500 just in time for Xmas!


In other news, Rockhopper, the new play (Quest for The Golden Puffle), Coins For Change, and a new Better Igloos catalog (not interesting to me, since I’m not a member of CP) are coming! Well, that’s all the news I could find.

But for Poptropica fans (this is a totally different story), the new island, Nabooti Island, is coming in Thursday 11 December. That’s today!

December 10, 2008

Sneak peak of Xmas party (I forgot to tell you)

This is the sneak peak of the party in the Coffee Shop:


Well, if you don’t believe it is the Coffee Shop, go and look in the window in the picture! And the seat!


Friezypop is a New Admin!

Hey penguins! Here is some info on me.

Friezypop is on Club Penguin almost every day. He usally goes on server Slushy, although he will go on other servers if one of his buddies are on that server. He started his blog on August 27, 2008. He loves recieving Penguin Mail, so that might be a good way to become his buddy! He doesn’t have a favorite room, and moves all over Club Penguin. If there is a new pin/game/catalog, he might be where the new item is. He loves playing games and earning coins, so you might have to wait if he is playing Cart Surfer, Catchin’ Waves, or Find Four. But he would love to play a game with you! D

Here’s some more information.

  • Penguin birthday: December 7th, 2007
  • Favorite Food: Pizza (of course!)
  • Hobbies: Baseball, Club Penguin (Duh!), basketball, reading and writing.
  • Pets: None
  • Favorite animal: Dog
  • Favorite color: Red
  • Favorite time of year: Summer
  • Favorite sport: Baseball
  • Favorite baseball team: Seattle Mariners
  • Red or Blue?: RED!!!!!!
  • Favorite Server: Slushy
  • Have I met Rockhopper?:Yes
  • Have I ever met The Penguin Band?: Yes
  • Have I ever met Gary?: Yes
  • Do I believe Club Penguin has Ninjas?: Yes, and now they are here!!!




Um… HELLO?!?!?!

Well, no one’s been commenting in my page ‘Guess my numbers 2’!!! Why is no one commenting!?! I REALLY want to give away some penguins so please comment on that page! That is, if you want a penguin. And about the page ‘Ovenl’s FIRST party!!! (1500 hits)’ I’ve updated it. Check them out now!


In other news, I added Friezypop (if you don’t know who he is [yes Friezypop is a he lol], go to as admin. Isn’t that cool?! I added a popular person as admin!!! But I gotta check with Friezypop first.

December 9, 2008

My blog is the ‘Featured Blog’ in the tag ‘Club penguin’! Yay!

WOW! My blog is the Featured Blog! That is so cool! Ummmmm…. one problem (not really)!

How can you actually be one of the featured blogs?


December 8, 2008

New page (again)

I have added a new page called ‘Cheats and Glitches’. There is one glitch so far, and if you have any cool or cooler glitches (besides catching the Mullet fish in Ice fishing, I have heard it SO many times, I’m bored of it), just type the glitch in your comment!


I will now be deleting ‘Rate my blog’. Why?

Because someone commented and said this blog stinks. It was someone named Bob (well, I don’t think this is personal info, so don’t do anything about it, but nevermind), so maybe….. I deleted the comment and I think I don’t know how to make this site cooler after seeing that mean comment – I feel so angry, sad and guilty about it. 😡

I don’t know what to do now, but I REALLY need to talk to my authors (Li Gi and Lilly541) about it.

-Ovenl 😦

Plus, no one seems to be going to my site anymore. I would rather quit, but I don’t want to walk out on Lilly, Li Gi, and Legofan (He [or she] doesn’t comment anymore, I don’t know what happened to him, but I think he still visits my blog). They visit this site often, and thanks for letting me get more hits. Thank you to Legofan16 for not letting me give up on my blog when I decided to quit last time, because of low hits.

I have stuck this on the top of my blog because I need to know some tips on how to make the site cooler. Way cooler. I don’t want comments like Bob’s anymore. In case you want to know what he said, what he said was this ( I don’t remember, but I think he said this):

‘your blog stinks. that’s a 1’……

I don’t remember the rest to what he said, but in the middle of the comment he said this:

‘get a job, a wife, some kids’…….

What I think: NO – how can I get a wife?!?! Didn’t he know I AM A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DID HE THINK I WAS BORN YESTERDAY!?!?

Then this:

‘i don’t care.’

Then this (i think):

‘whatever. im not visiting this site anymore.’

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