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October 26, 2008

I’m NOT quitting!!!

hey guys i’m so glad oh and its so cool now i have a lot of comments ;-). You totally rock guys! sorry i haven’t posted in a pretty long time – ive been surfing the web and forgot about my blog lol. pls keep visiting my blog and tell more friends!!


October 8, 2008


it’s getting boring, being lonely on this blog; nobody but me to comment and visit my pages… please tell your friends who go on club penguin to visit my blog to get more hits. and tell them my address which is: my blog, which is not popular, is getting ridiculous. i will probably quit if no one visits my blog.

October 7, 2008

new mission

first of all, i want my site to be visited. im pretty much ‘alone’ on this blog and need comments. i added lots of tags so more people can visit my blog. i dont like being kind of lonely here. its boring being lonely. a cool new mission on club penguin was released. its easy, but i wont give you the cheats; i have to go now and posting the cheats is a WASTE OF TIME!!!

ps: if you visit my blog, be sure to tell your other friends (who go on cp duh) about this blog and also tell them the address of my blog ( to get more hits!!! if we get 1500 hits, we will have a party. i wont give you the details yet because im still planning on it, and we haven’t reached our goal YET. i’ll give you this much: if we reach our goal, you’ll be partying with berny16 or ihyagka, my penguins. i know, they are not popular, but to be popular, we have to get about 100,000 hits or something. see ya later! hey please comment on my blog and have your say about what you think of it. if there’s something on my blog you’re not satisfied with just say it on your comment and i’ll do it for you. note that sometimes complicated things that you ask for can be very difficult and i might not understand and not able to do it or doing it is just hard. if you comment and make more hits on this site, thanks! A LOT!!!

late post

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sorry i posted really really late. i didnt miss the fall fair party. i just didnt post. i’ll only be posting sometimes (yes sometimes) because now being ‘alone’ and posting on my blog is getting to be a waste of time.

October 5, 2008


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sorry for posting so late. i’m not really posting much because im ‘lonely’ on this site. i need more hits! more comments! and im changing the theme of my blog. so long….bye.

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